ince there's really not much about myself I could tell you without sending you to sleep, I've decided to write about things I did, do, or still want to do one day. Well...

... I worked for a few years for a printing company, trying to find technologically possible solutions to customers' wishes, mainly for transfer printing. We used to produce tens of designs a week, ready to print in one, two, or sometimes in twenty (yeah!) spot colors. We worked with CorelDRAW, Photoshop, Illustrator and Freehand, combining vector graphics with raster graphics, trying to create designs that would perfectly fit into shapes given (like: you get a cup with some nice pattern going arround; now: try to make an oval dish with it...).

To make my life easier I made a few scripts in CorelScript and a few actions in PhotoShop, which I still find usefull. And there were a few programs too... Well, I'm surely not a programmer. Anyway, they worked and they helped (like fitting raster patterns to vector paths, which was not possible at that time with our software). But please, don't ask me about the error handling routines and things. I simply presumed things would work with no problems and (well, sometimes) they did. To speed them up, I used to write critical parts of code in assembler, the rest was Pascal (Delphi).

Sometimes I had to create some realistic visualisations of future products, and I remember I started with CorelDREAM (it was a simple 3d tool, you could get it with CorelDRAW 7) but after a while I moved on to 3D Max Studio. Since then it was clear, that the only limit to the things you could create was your own imagination.

Meanwhile I worked on videoclips, intros, graphics for websites, banners, leaflets, fonts, textures, new levels for 3d games, drawings for a local newspaper and decorations for lamps and T-shirts, hoping that one day I would become an Artist. Not much has changed since then, that glorious day is still ahead of me.

Now... well, now I work in a factory, trying to make new servers work properly. Nothing unusual, I'd say. So, in my spare time I still create graphics for friends, acquaintances and myself. I think one day I will be back at it for good.

Beside it all I try to find some time for playing chess, learning Hebrew and taking pictures (just started). As you can tell from this website I'm still a beginner in the art of CG. Though, I hope you'll find something you could stop on for a few seconds to watch. Anyway, thanks for visiting this website and feel free to contact me about anything connected with CG. See you.